Having problems with your pool leaking, or think you are?

Having problems with your pool leaking or think you do, we have your solution. We offer full leak detection for concrete pools to Liner pools. Leak detection will have a flat fee for the first two hours. After the two hours there will be a hourly rate.

We offer different options on your leak repairs:

  • we find leak and do the repair.
  • we find the leak and you fix it yourself.
  • we find the leak and your pool guy can fix it.

We use various methods on finding the leaks.

  • pressure test the lines.
  • acoustic detection
  • gas detection. (lines filled with helium with sensor to pinpoint leak.)
  • Liner pools we use electricity to find leak.
  • dive with dye
  • camera detection

We have line tracers to know where your lines are going.

What our client say say about the quality of our work.

This is the best spot to buy chemicals for sure. The guys that work there are nice. chemicals are literally half the cost of every other pool store. And their services are fairly priced!
Alex Y.
September 16, 2018
Excellent customer service and the newest and best new supplies to make maintaining your pool or spa even easier. Thank you for taking time to answer my questions.
Michael Greene
November 9, 2018
Best Prices on Pool chemicals in the area. Even compared to online stores. I have been using their services for 2 yrs now and it's always a good experience. I highly recommend them.
Mike Viz
August 05, 2017